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  1. Inspiring the next generation of leaders.
  2. “The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every
  3. Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill
  4. The widespread recognition of good work done by individuals and organisations inspires young
  5. people all over the country to follow in their footsteps. When stories of extraordinary valour are
  6. brought to the forefront, citizens cultivate a belief that they, too, can make a difference in their
  7. communities and countries simply by working hard, being persistent, and having a strong sense of
  8. values.
  9. The objective and intention behind bestowing the awards is to replace feelings of powerlessness
  10. and laziness in people with a sense of new hope and positive energy to work hard and build a
  11. developed nation,
  12. Each Bharat Gaurav Shri awardee is a reflection of the upcoming generation of leaders in their
  13. own right.
  14. The Council highlights the problems and barriers these leaders experienced while carrying out
  15. their ground-breaking efforts. We also showcase how these exceptional citizens navigated through
  16. difficult times and surmounted numerous challenges.
  17. We believe that these stories have the power to encourage more people to take risks and face
  18. obstacles to emerge stronger and victorious. Thereby creating a pool of leaders for the next
  19. generation.
  20. Ensure that Unsung Talent is Recognized
  21. “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the power they are graced with.” – Brodi Ashton
  22. At the Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council, it is our duty to ensure that various individuals and
  23. groups are being recognized at the right time for their efforts to improve the areas in which they
  24. live. Giving due recognition and incentives motivates the recipients to work even harder.
  25. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award recipients are national treasures and legends in their respective
  26. disciplines. We firmly believe that true heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the power
  27. they are graced with. These recipients are value-driven leaders who have contributed significantly
  28. to the well-being and advancement of their communities. As a result, we are extremely proud of
  29. them and are delighted to welcome them all to the Bharat Gaurav Shri Award family. We strongly
  30. believe that together, we have the capacity to move mountains and build the nation of our dreams.
  31. Ensuring that heroes are being honoured.
  32. “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph
  33. Campbell
  34. True heroes are those who have a sense of purpose and think beyond themselves by fighting for a
  35. bigger cause. Anyone who is committed to helping others and is effectively working towards
  36. nation-building and believes that they deserve recognition and appreciation is eligible to be
  37. nominated for Bharat Gaurav Shri Award. This includes social heroes, leaders, and public servants
  38. from diverse disciplines. Since we value all extraordinary efforts, the Bharat Gaurav Shri Award
  39. Committee considers all applications before making the ultimate judgement and deciding the
  40. award winners.
  41. Imagining a New India
  42. “Unless the working class’s conditions improve, there is no hope for the society’s welfare. True
  43. cultural progress occurs when a construction worker who never completed high school can send
  44. their child to college without relying on anyone.” ― Abhijit Naskar
  45. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council envisions a new India that is free of poverty, social evils
  46. and one where each citizen is living a better and improved life. We believe this dream is possible
  47. only if all citizens recognize this need and do their part for community welfare. To achieve the
  48. same, the Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council constantly motivates individuals to be the change
  49. they wish to see in the world. Therefore we are actively advancing the New India vision. Our goal
  50. is to pique the interest of the country’s youth in nation-building activities since each one of us is
  51. responsible for the growth of our Motherland.
  52. Successful individuals can create a ripple effect and spread the influence of kindness and
  53. patronising, provoking others to take actions. Therefore, it should be our moral obligation to pass
  54. on that enthusiasm to the next generation of citizens who will strive relentlessly to improve our
  55. society and country.
  56. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council’s primary purpose is to provide talent with the unique
  57. identity and respect that it deserves in the country. We’ve devised a way to generate value for the
  58. entire society by working together.
  59. Providing a unique platform
  60. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council is launching a unique campaign to build a world-class
  61. platform that is unlike any other forum that enables us to light a fire in everyone’s souls to work
  62. together for the greater good of society.
  63. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council maintains a special place in its heart for those who work
  64. to build a better India, and it is dedicated to honouring and rewarding those who engage in the
  65. field of community development with their selfless efforts.
  66. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council honours individuals who have dedicated their lives to the
  67. country, such as social workers, and the brave warriors who risk their lives on the country’s
  68. frontiers to safeguard us and our country. We have extremely high regard for soldiers who gave
  69. up the comforts of money and luxury and instead choose to serve the Motherland.
  70. We express our profound gratitude and respect for social platforms that serve as mentors and
  71. encourage our dynamic youngsters to pour in efforts to work for and serve the country.
  72. When it comes to valuing contributions, the council firmly believes that citizens who selflessly
  73. labour for the country’s growth and progress are the most important people to emulate.
  74. Spreading awareness among people and drawing attention to social cause
  75. “What is socialism if not an ordinary sense of responsibility towards society!”
  76. ― Abhijit Naskar
  77. Today, the majority of Indians are preoccupied with accumulating wealth and power, and unaware
  78. of the need to work for social causes. As we are responsible for the motherland, our goal is to instil
  79. a passion for social work among the country’s youth and to encourage them to take action.
  80. We develop a moral approach to produce value for the entire society when we work together. We
  81. firmly believe that undeniably the primary goal of many awards across the world is to provide a
  82. platform to appreciate efforts. With this power, we can touch the lives of millions and inspire them.
  83. It has been rightly said by The Dalai Lama that “It is not enough to be compassionate – you must
  84. act.”. Therefore at the Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Council, we aim to spark social activism
  85. and accountability in everyone’s hearts, because, in this materialistic society, everyone has learned
  86. to live for the country’s progress at the expense of their own.


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