The Bharat Gaurav Ratna Shri Award Council Nomination Form

This Bharat Gaurav Shri Award is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to the profession and the nation throughout their service. The committee of the foundation and individuals should look for members who have a lengthy history of substantial contributions when picking nominees.

Please carefully consider this exceptional member's qualifications and decision. The challenge of choosing a winner based on the information provided on the forms is tough for the judges of this prize. Therefore we request all to take special care when filling out the form with essential details.

One person may be nominated by an individual or a component of society. A person's past nomination will not disqualify them from being re-nominated.

The nominator is responsible for ensuring that the candidate understands what needs to be submitted and for following up to ensure that deadlines are met.

A nomination letter must be submitted in support of the nominee's merits as an individual and as an active member of state or local organisations. The nominator is also responsible for writing and submitting the nomination letter. In the area of contribution to the profession, points are granted based on the nomination letter.

All nominations must be supported by a letter from the Superintendent of Police, the District Magistrate, and the Member of Parliament of the area where the nominee has carried out the work, which will be considered by the Selection Committee in making the award decision. The Bharat Gaurav Awards are India's highest civilian honour.

Every year, from (Early 2022) all states and territories are invited to submit ideas. The Bharat Gaurav Shri Award Committee considers recommendations received from them as well as from other sources such as Members of Parliament, District Collectors, and Superintendents of Police, as well as individual bodies.